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WILLIAM McKEEVER is an author and filmmaker with a focus on ocean conservation. In his new book, Emperors of the Deep:Sharks—The Ocean’s Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians (July 2019; HarperOne, ISBN 978-0062932990, PRICE $25.99; Hardcover), William McKeever is on a mission to raise awareness for sharks and protect the oceans. His book is the result of his two-year journey around the world to discover the real truth about sharks after seeing sharks killed at a shark tournament in Montauk, new York. He is the writer and director for a feature-length documentary with the same title as the book. The film is a stunning look at the threats sharks face around the world. The film is finished and is forthcoming.

He is also the founder of Safeguard of the Seas, an NGO devoted to ocean conservancy. The organization is dedicated to raising awareness to the plight of sharks through activism, advocacy, and education.

He is a former Institutional Investor magazine All-American analyst, appearing on NBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and more. In 2017, McKeever produced and directed the feature-length documentary as companion to his book, Emperors of the Deep, which is slated for release in 2020. McKeever was born in Pittsburgh PA; resides in New York City.  

Emperors of the Deep:  Sharks—The Ocean’s Most Mysterious, Most Misunderstood, and Most Important Guardians

Published by: HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

On-sale date: June 25, 2019

Pub Date         July 3, 2019

ISBN:               9780062880321

Price:              $25.99

Format:           Hardcover

Pages:            320

Publicity:        National and local media in New York, Mass, Connecticut, New Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, Rehoboth, Washington DC, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Atlanta, Florida (cities subject to change).

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