Book- Emperors of the Deep

William McKeever embarked on a two-year journey to find out the real truth about sharks and what is revealed here in the book upends society’s traditional view. He traveled around the world from the family-friendly waters of Cape Cod to South Africa and to the coral reefs of the Central Pacific, where great whites mysteriously congregate every fall in what scientists refer to as “Burning Man for white sharks.” In this rollicking underwater adventure, he shares his unprecedented access to the scientists, conservationists, and world-renowned shark experts who—thanks to new technologies—have started to unlock the species’ most closely guarded secrets. The book reveals new discoveries, including their mysterious beneath-the-surface behavior, their transcontinental migratory travels, and even their secret sex lives.

Along the way, McKeever visits South Korea to learn about Greenpeace’s most recent “bearing witness” campaigns to uncover the hidden and brutal world of fishing on the high seas. He meets relentless activists around the world who are changing the public’s perception of sharks, interviews six former slaves-at-sea in Cambodia and, closer to home, spends a day with the self-professed “last great shark hunter[wm1] .”  He exposes a Mako-only shark tournament in Montauk, the Super Bowl of shark contests, to understand why recreational fisherman continue to hunt sharks for sport despite their declining numbers. And, finally, to get a close-up view of the world’s most feared and most misunderstood predator, he enters freely into their world, encountering, up close and personal, the apex predator that has fascinated him since he was a child.

At once a deep-dive into the misunderstood world of sharks and an urgent call to protect them, Emperors of the Deep will shift our perception of sharks from coldblooded underwater predators to evolutionary marvels that play an integral part in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans. That is, if we don’t kill them off first.

Film- Emperors of the Deep

Emperors of the Deep is a unique documentary that takes the viewer on a journey into the world of sharks. The writer and director, Bill McKeever, witnesses a shark tournament in Montauk. He is so shocked that he investigates further and exposes how shark tournaments kill scores of sharks for pleasure.

However, this tournament generates more questions about the threats sharks face and their fate.  Are they really man-eaters? What role do they play in the ocean ecosystem? He travels around the world to answer those questions and others by meeting with experts and diving with sharks.  As he does so, he uncovers more death and destruction on the high seas than one could possible imagine. His discoveries change how the viewer feels about sharks from man-eaters to important creatures that need protection.

After Montauk, the next part of his journey is South Africa. Here he interviews a top shark scientist and dives with a Great White to see if they are man-eaters. His dive convinces him that sharks are not a threat to man and are magnificent creatures.

After South Africa, he continues his quest to exciting locations around the world: Hawaii, South Africa and Cambodia, to name a few. The underwater shark video is extraordinary as top underwater cameramen capture unique and exciting views of sharks in 4K. Moreover, the interviews with the marine scientists, fishermen and others reveal the latest science and knowledge about sharks.

In summary, his personal journey is a never-told story that shines a light on why sharks are being decimated by the millions, and yet need to be valued as an important part of the marine environment.  The film causes the viewer to think about sharks in a new way. Man needs sharks for his own survival since the oceans rely on them to keep the seas healthy. The viewer’s feeling after the film is one of respect and appreciation for sharks, not fear. The film is a call to action to protect sharks and ultimately the oceans.

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Safeguard The Seas

Safeguard the Seas is a non-profit (501-C) organization fighting to guard the oceans from destruction.  Our mission is to educate the public on the threats to the ocean and its wildlife. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of sharks and put in place the protections to save this species from destruction.

Safeguard The Seas was founded by William McKeever who is an author and filmmaker. His book, Emperors of the Deep, is available on Amazon and will be in bookstores June 25th.  He lives in New York City.

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